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We partner with companies to develop and implement IT solutions which are tailored to their long-term strategic objectives, as well as providing support throughout the lifecycle of the implemented solutions. Our involvement in projects varies from taking complete control of the process all the way from inception to implementation and after sales support, to simply providing technical assistance.


inclusite® is a service in the cloud that improve the accessibility of the websites

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Inclusite is a cloud service designed for improving web accessibility and usability. The website adapts itself to any specific need: you can choose between listening to the website, browse the Internet speaking, accessing to the multimedia content with your keyboard, or fill in the forms by blowing or making sounds. Everything is done without modifying the website code. In real time. The same website for everybody. Because we are all special people.

Inclusite simulation newspaper TDG Tribune de Genève
Demonstration of the possibilities

Cloud Service

Choose how to communicate

Constant evolution

Without changing your website

Decide to listen to the website

Forms and videos

Screen readers

Mobile version

A brand new accessibility experience

A cloud service for creating your own accessibility

inclusite lives in the cloud, you choose the shape
Accessibility and usability as a service adapted to people

Increasing our web contents accessibility and usability levels, represents a new approaching to accessibility paradigm, with all the cloud services advantages included: ubiquity, transparency, or evolution. With this new paradigm a lot of people can beneficiate from accessibility without designing big internal projects

Choose how to communicate with the website
Your needs are always special needs, because are your own needs

inclusite® présente plusieurs modes de communication que les personnes peuvent choisir en fonction de leurs besoins, goûts et circonstances, permettant par exemple de naviguer en parlant au site, d’accéder au contenu multimédia en utilisant le clavier ou de remplir des formulaires en soufflant.

Evolution, adaptation and constant improvements
Users and customers would benefit from the improvements in a transparent way

inclusite® lives in constant changes and adaptation. Thanks to its location in the cloud, all the service improvements happen in a transparent way for users and customers. Without installations, or lost time. Each new service version has immediate effects, without costs.

inclusite doesn’t want you to modify your website
All the assitances are inserted in real time, respecting the orginal desing and contents

For suscribing a new domain in inclusite® you don’t need to modify the website font code. You just have to apply for it, insert a script and ready. All the navigation assistances included by inclusite®, always respecting original contents and designs, are inserted in real time, while the user is navigating. There are no hidden implantation costs.

Listen to the website with inclusite
Articles, contextual information, menus, inclusite reads to you all the website content

inclusite® allows you to listen, while navigating the website, the contextual information, as well as the website content: menus, tittles, articles, etc. At any moment you will be able to pause or stop the announcement

Access to forms and videos
An integral navigation, adapted to all elements: videos and forms included

inclusite® allows you an integral access to web contents and services. Navigating the whole website, as well as acceding to video or audio files, or filling in forms, are available options for all the inclusite® communication modes. Speak up, make a sound, use the keyboard to play, stop, pause or control the video volume, or fill in forms.

Screen readers compatibility
inclusite® makes more accessible and usable the website for screen readers

You can use inclusite® with your prefered screen reader, you just have to activate this communication mode. inclusite® reaches a better web organization, optimizing your screen reader functionalities, because inclusite® allows this devices to detect easily the different web areas in which the page has been divided.

Mobiles and tablets version
inclusite® can read you the web contents even if you are navigating with your mobile or tablet

inclusite® allows the navigation using iOs and Android devices. Thanks to this compatibility, users can navigate with inclusite through their mobile phone or tablet, and will be able to listen the web contents, and browse using other accessibility and usability improvements.


Osidoc solution’s is a Ostendi product distributed by Axys

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Osidoc is a software package that enables companies to efficiently and accurately manage the creation of documents. This composition tool allows for the creation of an interface, into which the end user must enter specific information into various fields in order for a document to be generated. This greatly reduces the need for complex processes and the risk of human error; furthermore, the database that is generated through user inputs is often a valuable source of business data.

The current process…

Osidoc allows the user to focus on their area of expertise. The interface allows them to input the relevant data without having to verify the document version or the other information therein. Although various departments (marketing, legal, etc.) will continue to have input, the actual document creation process is now and with Osidoc managed by a tool, which renders the process more efficient and accurate. Osidoc does not require any specific IT expertise, and further
reduces demands on the IT department by increasing user autonomy.

With Osidoc


Online Public Management Modern support to citizens

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Online Public Management – Modern support to citizens.

The eGov solution involves providing State, Provincial or other public agencies with the necessary technological infrastructure to manage an advanced platform for public management. eGOV integrates both hardware and software installation and maintenance, as well as a series of applications enabling advanced services for governance.
The services it provides cover all the basics needs of modern public administrations, as well as an advanced web portal that enables electronic administration, electronic signature, document management, training platforms and citizen participation. The integrated municipal management tools (Infrastructure Management, Geographic Information Systems for Cadastre, Civil Registry, Tax Administration) provide an efficient and transparent framework of governance.

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